Couture. Couture. Couture





After looking at how fast fashion has impacted Australian designers and the negative influence it can have on workers, the environment and the fashion industry I still consider fast fashion as the enemy. It is having such a strong effect on haute couture and almost making it become obsolete, as it is so difficult to compete against the manufactured brands.

However I feel that slow fashion will always have a specific audience that will continue to follow haute couture and will purchase items with the idea of quality over quantity in mind. Although more people are attracted to mass-produced clothing due to the price tag, they should realize what they are sacrificing and what a beautiful investment and piece of art they are losing.

Hopefully in the future there will still be skilled workers producing haute couture pieces and that mass production doesn’t take over the entire fashion industry. Couture gives a whole different feeling, it’s a different world, an innovative and extravagant craft that should never be diminished by online shopping, or bargain sales in the hectic world of fast fashion.


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