Digital Impact on the Fashion Industry

Times have certainly changed since the days when Chanel tweed suits and Dior’s new look was the latest craze. Everyone is now more focused on brands that are manufactured because they are seen everywhere, can be easily bought and cost a fraction of the price compared to high end designer brands. One of the issues that makes fast fashion so popular and has changed the way fashion is distributed is the digital impact of the 21st century and making buying clothes online an easy and fast way to have the latest trends from around the globe.

By Australian customers purchasing clothing and accessories online, usually from the United States, it puts even more pressure on our Australian designers and as discussed in my last post, the Australian market is so much smaller compared to overseas and we do not have the outlets here to be able to support Australian designers. Therefore, through online shopping we are creating an even greater challenge for our designers as they are no longer just competing with designers from their own country, but from all over the world making it almost impossible to be highly successful in the fashion industry.


 The fast paced manufacturing of garments shipped to stores within a week or less, has now gone to the next level through online shopping. We no longer need to go into a store to see what trends are new, we can now just jump online and with a few clicks we will have the latest clothes or accessories be on the way to our doorstep.

I personally, am not a fan of online shopping and have never understood how easy it is for some people to just buy all their clothes online these days. I would much rather go into a real store, have a great shopping experience and be able to feel the fabric of the clothes I am wanting to buy, see the quality and try it on so I know if it suits me or not. I suppose because online shopping is relatively cheap, many people wouldn’t mind spending $20 on a dress that when it arrives, they find out it looks terrible or after one wear it falls apart. It is an easy and basically lazy way of shopping that does not compare to the real thing forcing several designers out of business who are unable to keep up with the numbers that are now purchasing online.


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