London Street Style

The Staples

As I took to the streets in London, it was clear that a few trends and signature items were very popular to most on the streets. Black leather jackets and just the colour black in general could be seen everywhere I turned. The classic prints of stripes and leopard were also favoured in shoes, bags and clothing.




Denim Love

I’ve never seen so much double denim in my life, and surprisingly a lot of people were able to make it work. Denim jackets are very popular in London compared to here in Australia, giving a more 90’s feel to many outfits. There was also a boyish charm apparent in women’s street looks through boxy shapes and casual shoes or sneakers.




Some people show more risk taking in their outfits by wearing bold prints and colours to really turn heads and make a huge fashion impact. Its always so much fun dressing up in a look that shows a certain side of you and can express who you are or what you’re feeling at that particular time, so I always appreciate those who give that little bit extra resulting in a remarkable outfit.



Boys Boys Boys

The London men are always looking very trendy and clearly put a great effort into what they wear day to day. A touch of sport was shown through many bomber jackets, sweaters and sneakers yet they all looked quite sleek and sophisticated while having a sense of ease about them.



I loved seeing how fashion is interrupted on the other side of the globe, as it was extremely eye opening and has given me even greater inspiration to document street fashion showing how people either go against trends or how they interrupt trends to make them their own.


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