Fast Fashion Vs. Haute Couture


In the glamorous world of haute couture there has been a major decline in production due to the increase in fast fashion. High price and high quality designers have trouble competing with the mass production, as they cannot produce that many garments in such a short amount of time. Haute couture, made famous in Paris in the early 1900’s is a highly acclaimed art form that is now not supported as much as mass production as it is far more expensive and time consuming, however the outcome is clearly superior giving a unique, quality piece of design and workmanship.

 Several designers and fashion company CEO’s have shared their opinion on haute couture vs. fast fashion from the head designer of Chanel, Karl Lagerfeld to Topshop’s CEO.

For Fast Fashion


“Why then is it a problem when lower priced retail stores offer what consumers want at a price they can actually afford?”

“When the price of goods is artificially high, another party will find a way to produce the same good at a lower cost”

For Haute Couture


“Perhaps we can justify fast fashion to ourselves because everyone’s broke – but given the life span of most of these clothes, it really is true that a slightly more expensive basic pays for itself in wears.”  – Sadie Stein (Jezebel)

“Cheap fashion, like cheap, factory-farmed salmon and chicken, has stripped away any notion we had of something being luxurious or in any way special . It has devalued all our lives, making us ever more dissatisfied, always wanting more.”  – Liz Jones (The Daily Mail’s UK)

Pros and Cons of Fast Fashion

The Pros of Fast Fashion The Cons of Fast Fashion



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